Your Musical Development

developing youR Music

releasing your music

taking control of your OWN musical FUTURE

We offer hands-on experience & support with:

Music Software (Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Audition, Sound Forge)
Recording Techniques
Music Technology & music making with iOS
Mixing (DAW)
Mastering (DAW)
Piano & Keyboard skills
Vocal Coaching & Performance Techniques
Copyright & Licensing
Employing Session Musicians
PRS, PPL & Royalties

Thank you for all your help & support towards my son. You offer him so much; encouragement, time, & your skills and understanding to help him learn. Thank you again.
— John Taylor

Music-Based Mentoring

We work closely with an organisation called Beat This,  a Community Interest Company that provide children, young people,
adults and people with additional needs access to musical & creative experiences.  

Beat This use music & technology to help people to
develop skills, interact and express themselves through music.

Beat This run and manage Chime Creation Centre which is where we mainly operate from.

You can find out more about the good work that Beat This do here -

Beat This
Drip Dry is an organisation that we can rely on for inspiring and motivating our clients, lots of respect guys!
— R Cummings
I was able to finally record the songs that have been in my head for years, and it sounds really really good even if I do say so myself.
— D Johnson