I love it when great things miraculously come about, they just seem to just materialise out of the blue. This is how it happened with meeting Chloe Lorentzen and her wonderful family. The opportunity came about when her Dad Lee called me asking whether I would be interested in recording Chloe and her friends for a charity album project that she had organised by herself. She’s been writing songs since she was 8 years old by the way!.

She had been recently been recognised, through YouTube, by one of the most prolific and perhaps underrated songwriters of our time, Brandi Carlile. Chloe wanted to cover Adele’s “When We Were Young”, a tall order for any singer and recording engineer! but we did it, and did it pretty well we like to think.

It was obvious from the get-go that Chloe was super talented and at only 11 years old we recorded most of the album here at HQ, Chime Creation Centre. The album turned out super-fine and was a great success, the CD has so far raised around £10,000 and is continuing to raise more money for the worthwhile charity ‘War Child UK’. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/1267514676618893/  


Now at 14, Chloe is writing and co-producing her 2nd album here at Chime with her family (including siblings and Grandparents) behind her supporting her during every recording session. Lee, her Dad has been instrumental in the sourcing of session musicians and working closely with myself on the production side of things.

Her latest single, “My Time” has been entered into the Song Academy Young Songwriters 2019 competition - https://www.songacademy.co.uk/says19/.

We were really pleased how this song turned out, go and VOTE FOR IT NOW and help Chloe on her way to higher heights.


I really admire what Chloe said recently when asked weather she wanted to be famous; she answered.. “I would just like more people to listen to my songs”.

Expect a lot more from Chloe, she has an outstanding voice and will only grow to be more confident in her songwriting, (not that there is much improvement needed there!).

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