Opaque New Album 'A Little Belief' Coming soon with a little help from our friends

Our Liechtenstein dream...

We, the band Opaque, have a noble dream in our hearts. We want to become Liechtenstein's new favourite band! In two short months we'll be packing all our instruments and equipment into an undersized tour bus and driving 800 miles to the principality of Liechtenstein to seek fame and fortune.

We're launching our latest album, A Little Belief, in Liechtenstein on the 10th Octoberso we've set up a fund to help us get their and throw a party for our new central European friends! 

We've saved up £2000 but need £4500 so have set the goal at  £2,500...that's less than 7p for every person in Liechtenstein! However, we're not just asking you to empty your pockets as a favour. If everyone who is interested in buying the new album pledges for it in advance, we'll be well on our way to reaching our target already, and we'll send you a copy after the launch. 

What will the Liechtenstein fund pay for?

Our target will go towards to printing the first run of the A Little Belief album, hiring a van to get Opaque to Liechtenstein and will help cover our accommodation costs for the week we're there. 

What will you be doing in Liechtenstein?

We've organised lots of weird and wonderful shenanigans with the locals and promise to keep you posted as they happen, even if for now they remain a secret! At the end of our week in Liechtenstein we'll be launching our album, A Little Belief, at a gig that we've arranged with two local Liechtenstein bands (Turpentine Moan and Snow Flake). We've modestly named this gig OPAQUEFEST. You're all invited!

Visit our crowd funding page here and pre order 'A Little Belief'.

Watch our little promo video here:

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