Fancy recording your next single or E.P ready for Christmas? What an amazing gift for yourself, your family and friends, your own songs recorded, mastered and packaged up all nice.

We can offer you:
A professional recording for only £30 per song,
Record as many songs as you can for only £100 per day (that's only £25 per band member if there's 4 of ya!)

Whats' included?
You get to track and record in a fully professional multi track studio with high-end gear from the likes of Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, API, Focusrite & SSL,
You get a qualified sound engineer,
You get your track mixed and mastered and prepared for iTunes, Bandcamp & Soundcloud etc.

If you need some proper artwork for your newly recorded masterpiece, we can design a front/back cover and CD label for only £50 extra!!

WOW - SO what are you waiting for???? Let's get recording...

Benny on 07513 360050 or email